15 April 2023
Zac Stokes was arguably the player of the match in the Fourth XI grand final win over East Belmont, as good a reason as any to revisit his 10 QUESTIONS as part of our winter reflections.
Q1. Remind us about how you came to NCCC.
A1. At the end of 2003 I'd just returned from living in North Western Australia for six years. I had been playing junior cricket for the mighty Dampier Sharks up there and Tommy Bates dragged me down to Queens Park to play Under 13s once we'd moved back. The club haven't been able to get rid of me since!
Q2. Tell us about your first senior game: Elderslie Reserve, you got the new ball.
A2. The only thing I remember clearly about the game is that we won. There were plenty of great memories from those early years in the Fifths, I learned a lot about cricket from several life members of the club.
Q3. You must have been pleased when Tom Bates returned to the club.
A3. I was stoked (pardon the pun) when Batesy said he was interested in coming back down. He was the one who brought me down to the club originally, so it was only right that I returned the favour a couple of years ago. Hopefully, next year I run into a bit of form so we can play a game together again.
Q4. Your run up and delivery are a bit different, tell us about their origins.
A4. It started in Under 15s, I gave up bowling off spin and moved to bowling seam up. No one really tried to change my technique much at that stage because the ball would dip in late and it started getting results. I still employ the curved run up sometimes during games, especially when the Shaw Oval run up isn't in great condition.
Q5. You’ve been on the committee for a while now, doing a great job chasing up memberships – what’s the best excuse you’ve heard for someone not paying up.
A5. I haven't heard anything too ridiculous yet, no horror stories to tell here unfortunately. Shout out to Fleety for paying his before everyone else this year even though he hadn't been a member in years! No excuses for the rest of us.
Q6. You’ve got a game or two on turf in the Seconds: still have aspirations of playing in the First XI?
A6. I had real aspirations at the time and felt like I was getting close at one stage but competing for a bowler's spot when the likes of Barry McGuane, Carso, H and Hodgey were in the 1's side, I just wasn't on their level. I think it's pretty safe to say the turf chapter of my career is closed for good.
Q7. Who is the best cricketer you have played with or watched at Newtown?
A7. I mean no disrespect to any of the great players we've had at this club, but the best to watch was Dan Lawrence. You just knew at the time that he was going places, and it was great to see him debut for England in Sri Lanka earlier this year. As far as blokes I've played with, pretty hard to go past Dev Royce. Just the ultimate competitor whether it was with bat or ball, we were always in the game when he was involved. I don't have enough room here for 20+ honourable mentions.
Q8. What was the best bit about last weekend’s semi-final win?
A8. It is hard to single out a best bit, the first time we played East this year there was a lot of chat about our side not having a backbone during our run chase. The backbone was well and truly on display on Saturday. The lads have always kept believing that we can win a game from any position, and I'm really proud of the young blokes in the side stepping up and playing their role under pressure.
Q9. A few words about what the Two Blues mean to you.
A9. Having spent over half of my summers playing cricket for the Twoies, the club has played a big part in my life and has made many lifelong friendships possible. It's always been like a second home to me, and hopefully will be for years to come.
Q10. You probably have more than one, but just one will do for now – your best Russell Mitchell story?
A10. My favourite was from a game we played up at the Geelong College Prep school. I was batting at number 11, and Sehwag was up the other end hitting everything out of the middle. Around the time Sehwag was on 30 off 15ish balls, I got sucked in by the 20-metre boundary at fine leg and tried to scoop a full toss down there for six, and ended up being caught at point. I'll leave all of the colourful language out, but Russ gave me a hairdryer in front of both sides coming off the ground and said that I wouldn't be opening the bowling because I was such a dumb arse and I'd be lucky to get a bowl at all. When he reads this, I'm sure he'll give me another clip for it, and he'll probably maintain that it is still the dumbest thing he's seen on the cricket field. I'm just glad we won the game, or I might never have played in the Thirds again!






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